The company

Shipping Agency

Annasped has been operating for several years in the ports of Gaeta and Civitavecchia and at the Centro Agroalimentare (MOF) (Agribusiness Centre) in Fondi carrying out all the necessary customs services for the import and export of all types of goods.


Founded in 1997, our company's objective is to offer a reliable, professional service, taking care of every single detail for our clients.


Our operational capacity, experience

and dedication ensures a prompt and effective service that meets the growing and diversifying needs of our customers. We know how to handle every kind of shipment for transport and are well-rehearsed in problem solving to get the delivery made in good time.


Looking for advice on Intrastat for goods to and from EU countries? Contact us for a quote.


Thanks to our large network of expert partners we can provide logistics and transport services, the storage of goods and containers, ministerial licenses and so on for every kind of shipment.


For more details about our services, browse our website and products page.

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